FAQ General

What is the distance from the village to the campsite?

The campsite is 200 metres away from village of Ribera de Cardós.

Can we pay by credit card?

Sorry but we do not accept credit cards. The nearest ATM for cash is in Llavorsí, 9 km away from Ribera de Cardós.

Are dogs or cats allowed on the premises?

No kind of pet is allowed in the bungalows or the apartments. They will be admitted in the rental caravans. Inside the campsite, pets will be allowed in accordance to the current regulations. We inform that “potentially dangerous dogs” will not be allowed on the premises.

Is there a swimming pool?

There are 2 swimming pools, both heated from June 2012.

Are there any entertainment activities for children and for adults?

Yes, there are children entertainment activities 15 July to 25 August. Sometimes we organise short excursions for adults.

Are visitors allowed on the campsite?

Due to the situation caused by COVID-19 and as a measure
exceptional to avoid the entry, transit and stay of people not staying at the Camping, the visits to clients in the camping.

Can we buy gas canister refills in the Campsite’s shop?

Yes, gas canisters (returnable blue canisters) are sold here.

Is there laundry service?

Yes, there are washing machines and tumble dryers.

Are there baths for babies?

Yes, we can offer small bathtubs to give babies a bath.

Are there any toilets adapted to disabled or handicapped people?

Yes, one of the toilets has been adapted.