Churches, hermitages, Romanesque Art

Càmping Cardós is the perfect door to the whole valley and to the county in general, where we will find a valuable historical heritage that we recommend visiting, with examples of Romanesque art and architecture, such as the churches. In the next section we suggest some routes that include visits to these art instances around the valley.

There are also some other sanctuaries that, even they do not belong to the Romanesque art style, every year attract many local people in the popular “gatherings”, as those in Biuse or Arboló.

Another Romanesque element are the bridges, such as the ones in Tavascan and Borito, which together with Cassibrós, are part of the “Route of the Romanesque Bridges ” , starting right here, at Càmping Cardós, a hike for all the family.

Our recommendations:

  • Romanesque Church of Santa Maria in Ribera de Cardós (Valley of Cardós)
  • Church, Word Carvings and Paintings of Santa Maria in Ginestarre, 8.5 km away (Valley of Cardós)
  • Medieval Bridge in Tavascan, 10 km away (Valley of Cardós)
  • Church of Sant Romà in Aineto, 10 km away (Valley of Cardós)
  • Santa Maria Monastery in Gerri de la Sal, 36 km away
  • Romanesque Church of Sant Joan d’Isil (near Esterri d’Àneu), 36 km away
  • Romanesque Architectural Location in Son del Pi (near Esterri d’Àneu), 32 km away
  • Romanesque Bridge in La Capella (Espot), 28 km away
  • Romanesque Bridge in Esterri d’Àneu, 27 km away
  • Church and Romanesque Paintings of Sant Pau and Sant Pere in Esterri de Cardós, 7 km away
  • Romanesque Hermitage of Santa Eulàlia in Alendo, Farrera, 12 km away
  • Monastery of Sant Pere del Burgal, in la Guingueta d’Àneu (near Esterri d’Àneu), 23 km away
  • Church of Santa Maria d’Àneu, in Escalarre (near Esterri d’Àneu), 29 km away
  • Hermitage of Mare de Déu de Biuse, Llavorsí
  • Hermitage of Santa Maria d’Arboló, (near Sort)